Monday, 10 May 2010

Evaluation, Employment and Enterprise

Here is a copy of my Evaluation, Employment and Enterprise essay, I have hosted it as a Adobe PDF on Google Docs.
Here is my essay..

Friday, 7 May 2010

Latest progress....

Managed to get the scroll button to work with help of paul and the gallery is on its way too. finally getting to grips with flash action script!
The first page at the moment has lots of picture frames like a gallery and then when you click on ones with the text, it takes you to particular pages of my website. So far I have 'Gallery' I feel gallery means for now it is ok to add a range of my work. Gallery keeps what I show in my portfolio general. Rather then being to specific at this stage. Perhaps as my life ahead as an artist/illustrator ahead. I will divided my website in to me defined sections. Have not included every image. Only Images that are strong on screen. 

I created this logo using illustrator by drawing around the photo that i had taken with my sony A350. I really love it and then the typography was edwardian script and then I placed it on the edge of the text.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Website in progress...

Goddness me randomly found this site! This girls has a similar idea to mine. She has a simple color in the background and several frames. Hers works really well, better then mine.

New website design, much happier with this design....still simple but the floral background adds a little subtle sophistication and interest. I want to work on the further tommorow.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

website development.....

Today I went in to uni and tried to put a website together on flash. Got the scroll keys working so people can scroll through the images. then I shall have a link to animations I have done also. It may go through changes, but like to be able to see a progression going on!

Looking back to day at the work produce yesterday, I am having mixed feelings about the design. This design was had to be thought about in a pretty short space of time. I only really started the design on monday and got it in a bit of a motion. Though not sure if its a bit back dated, and may not have the same appeal to children now. Maybe I shall think of something that makes the site more appealing. 

Decisions, Decisions how can I turn this around in the next few days! No massively keen on the plain background, I know that simple seems popular right now, but the white background is not reallly saying much to me. Other then lots of potential space that needs stuff going on. 

Monday, 3 May 2010

Website design early concept...

I created this today on photoshop, its my possible webpage in early development. 

Research on website design..BUTTONSSSS

Computer arts flash website tutorial PDF, Buttons and technical research. Found this PDF tutorial on making sites from illustrator to flash useful

 I will hopefully get some help by Paul tomorrow as well!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Birgitte Lund

Birgitte Lund graduated from her masters in 2002 illustrated children’s book on Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. Birgitte has also been lecturing at Solent Southampton University, the department of illustration BA Hon and have produced illustrations for London Fashion week 2008 and 2009. Being from Denmark Birgitte’s work is inspired by Danish folklore and fairytales. This inspiration brings to her work a set of aesthetics and an atmosphere that at the same time can be viewed as cute and uncanny.

This year includes a collaboration with a ceramicist around the making of a series of interior based objects as well as me setting up the production of my own design products, this to include more graphic novels, children’s books, beautiful boxes of greeting cards and wallpaper. It is still in the process, so much more to come on this later this year....

Moooo!- Business card ideas!

Been thinking of using moo as a way of creating business cards. Will go in Tuesday morning when I do work on website. 

Future prospects.

Different considerations of my future career.....

Having visited tutorials about freelance. I am going to outline some of the points made bye Steve Gordon...who is from careers advice who came to do a powerpoint lecture out lining all the different routes and what those entail. 

        Just under one half of all graduates had worked on a freelance basis (45 per cent since graduating)
around one quarter had started a business during their early careers.
At the time of the survey, 23 per cent of respondents were self‐employed or
Self‐employment was seen as a serious ambition, with 65 per cent of
graduates expecting to be working freelance or running their own business.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hosting my website.

This hosting site was recommended by my self-employed artist friend Samual Durkin. I have looked at others...although it is more useful to know a friends experience. Rather then going for an unknown one. 

Friday, 30 April 2010

Website ideas....

Came across this site by Kev Hopgood, his website is pretty clear and straight forward. Presented in a traditional portfolio style. Unlike Shan Tan whos website that is a little more intricate. 

I do not have a website yet. I am kind of late with making one. Though I plan to put together one next week.

Shaun Tan  was born in 1974 and grew up in the Northern suburbs of perth, western australia. Shaun began painting and drawing images for science fiction and horror stories in small-press magazines as a teenager and has become best know for illustrated books that deal with social. political and historical subjects through surreal, dream like imagery.. 

The first page of his website had his name overlaying a scanned in background and around ink drawings these have speech-bubbles that link you to different areas of his site. What I like about this is it has an authentic style that appeals to me. 

Picture booke- essay by Shaun Tan