Friday, 30 April 2010

Website ideas....

Came across this site by Kev Hopgood, his website is pretty clear and straight forward. Presented in a traditional portfolio style. Unlike Shan Tan whos website that is a little more intricate. 

I do not have a website yet. I am kind of late with making one. Though I plan to put together one next week.

Shaun Tan  was born in 1974 and grew up in the Northern suburbs of perth, western australia. Shaun began painting and drawing images for science fiction and horror stories in small-press magazines as a teenager and has become best know for illustrated books that deal with social. political and historical subjects through surreal, dream like imagery.. 

The first page of his website had his name overlaying a scanned in background and around ink drawings these have speech-bubbles that link you to different areas of his site. What I like about this is it has an authentic style that appeals to me. 

Picture booke- essay by Shaun Tan