Sunday, 2 May 2010

Birgitte Lund

Birgitte Lund graduated from her masters in 2002 illustrated children’s book on Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. Birgitte has also been lecturing at Solent Southampton University, the department of illustration BA Hon and have produced illustrations for London Fashion week 2008 and 2009. Being from Denmark Birgitte’s work is inspired by Danish folklore and fairytales. This inspiration brings to her work a set of aesthetics and an atmosphere that at the same time can be viewed as cute and uncanny.

This year includes a collaboration with a ceramicist around the making of a series of interior based objects as well as me setting up the production of my own design products, this to include more graphic novels, children’s books, beautiful boxes of greeting cards and wallpaper. It is still in the process, so much more to come on this later this year....

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