Friday, 7 May 2010

Latest progress....

Managed to get the scroll button to work with help of paul and the gallery is on its way too. finally getting to grips with flash action script!
The first page at the moment has lots of picture frames like a gallery and then when you click on ones with the text, it takes you to particular pages of my website. So far I have 'Gallery' I feel gallery means for now it is ok to add a range of my work. Gallery keeps what I show in my portfolio general. Rather then being to specific at this stage. Perhaps as my life ahead as an artist/illustrator ahead. I will divided my website in to me defined sections. Have not included every image. Only Images that are strong on screen. 

I created this logo using illustrator by drawing around the photo that i had taken with my sony A350. I really love it and then the typography was edwardian script and then I placed it on the edge of the text.

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